Are Escorts & Sugar Babies Good Dating Choices In Singapore?

Should you go for non traditional dating methods such as social escort services or sugar dating in Singapore?

Just like in any other modern city or country in the world, there are various ‘non-normal’ dating options for men in Singapore. There are more escort agencies and sugar dating websites for men to choose from in Singapore these days versus normal dating. In fact, even Tinder was revolutionary and non-traditional when they had first entered Singapore. Of course, it is not so non-traditional now.

The thing is, some men struggle to date when it comes to picking up girls at bars, at their office or even through mobile dating applications in Singapore. Are escorts or sugar babies viable alternatives for these men in Singapore then? Is it worth their time, effort in return for the results that they can possibly get? Let us explore that topic today.

First of all, escorts and sugar babies cost money up front. Although most men eventually pay to meet the girls, such as by paying for dinner, or paying for tickets to somewhere or in some way or another, sugar babies and escorts demand hundreds of dollars or even thousands per meet at the higher end. Therefore, this immediately weeds out the men who are lower-middle income or below. On the other hand, if you have the money and disposable income at your fingertips, then this can be a very alluring dating alternative in Singapore for you.

Second of all, if you do have the money for meeting escorts or sugar babies, are they a good choice for you? This depends on what you treasure most, now. Some men want to look to date to look to settle down and start a family. In that case, you will be far better off looking for a matchmaking agency or dating the traditional way. Social escort girls and sugar babies are meant for men who want the no strings attached relationships. These girls will not date you for the purpose of marriage, not even if you try. The reason they are who they are because they want the money in exchange for their companionship, and their looks. Only men who want the fleeting nature of relationships and hot girls will understand the desire for such women. If you are such a man, however, then read on more or check out the Yelp profile of one of Singapore’s biggest and most popular Singaporean girl social escort agencies – SGVIP Services.

Third of all, if you are not looking to settle down anytime soon, and you are also a busy individual who does not have time to go through the normal dating process, then social escort girls or sugar babies are your best option. In fact, they are perfect for you if you have the money, and want a hot, beautiful woman next to you without the relationship or long term emotional strings attached.

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Alternatively, if you are not looking for something not so long term, then you might actually want to look at alternatives. Or perhaps, you still want to remain single, have no intention to get married soon, you can look at something with no strings attached. Here are some ways you can achieve that in Singapore.

If you are open to escorts and sugar babies, read on.

In Singapore, there are sites such as, formerly known as Seeking Arrangement, which is basically a sugar daddy-baby dating website. Of course, the downside is that such websites are meant for those men who are wealthier, just not that great at getting women. But, this is absolutely perfect for men to dictate the terms of the relationship – wealthy men of course. These types of arrangements usually require time to build as well, compared to the next type – social escorts, as some users do not log into their accounts often at all. If you have time and money, then use this.

In Singapore, there are also sites such as among other social escort websites, which allow for short term dating. This is largely similar to sugar daddy-baby dating websites, except that it is more transactional and more short term. There is no need to go for a ‘per month arrangement’. This is the best for wealthy men who prefer completely no strings attached types of relationships. If you have money but no time to deal with dating hassles, then use this.